ADA definition of a service animal.

Title II an III of the ADA define a service animal as a dog that is individually trained to perform work or a task to assist a person with a disability in daily life functioning. The work or task must be related to the individual's disability.

Service dog helping woman put.

Some of the tasks that service dogs perform include:

  • guiding people who are blind
  • retrieving items, pushing/opening doors
  • helping with balance or avoiding falls
  • alerting to oncoming seizures or change in blood sugar
  • alerting someone who is deaf

Dog holding man in place during a seizure.

Examples of Tasks

  • Alerting and protecting a person who is having a seizure.
  • Calming a person with PTSD during an anxiety attack.

Cat nuzzling with owner.

Emotional support animals alleviate the symptoms of a disability or simply by their presence (Fair Housing Act Definition). Animals besides dogs may be considered emotional support animals.

Emotional support animals are not covered by the ADA.

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