Role of the ADA Coordinator

The ADA Coordinator is an individual designated to coordinate and implement ADA compliance activities.

Title II provisions of the ADA requires state and local governments with 50 or more employees to appoint an ADA Coordinator.

Local governments with less than fifty employees are encouraged to consider designating an ADA Coordinator to make the it easier for them to comply with the ADA.

Colleges and universities also designate ADA Coordinators to coordinate their compliance obligations, including private colleges.

Increasing numbers of corporations and businesses are designating ADA Coordinators to better meet the needs of their customers with disabilities and ADA compliance obligations.

Responsibilities of ADA Coordinators include:

  • Conducting a self-evaluation and developing the transition plan.
  • Monitoring the implementation of the transition plan.
  • Handling requests for auxiliary aides and services.
  • Providing information about accessible programs and services.
  • Serving as an ADA resource.
  • Receiving and working to resolve complaints.
  • Working with officials and administrators to ensure new facilities or alterations are accessible.

Professional Resources for ADA Coordinators

ADA Coordinator Certification Program (ACTCP)

ACTCP is a unique program designed to meet the professional and training needs of ADA Coordinators and others involved in ADA implementation. 

National ADA Symposium

ADA National Network